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The mission of ObamaCareWatch.org (OCW) is to help promote sensible health care policy that is patient-centered and market-driven. It is a website focused on monitoring implementation of President Obama’s health care law – including in-depth research and analysis with key news stories and commentary.

OCW provides one-stop shopping for anyone who wants a regularly updated, searchable database on the current and anticipated effects of the health law, the facts and arguments about it, and new developments concerning it. Our aim is to pull and organize the best of the best, without regard to which institution or think tank originally published it. In short, we want to provide concerned citizens with all the facts so they can hold those who sponsored and passed the law accountable.

ObamaCareWatch is a project of the Galen Institute, a non-profit research organization focusing on free-market ideas for health reform.  For more, visit www.galen.org

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